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FIM confirms full MotoGP rule changes | MotoGP News | 2009 | Crash.Net

FIM confirms full MotoGP rule changes | MotoGP News | 2009 | Crash.Net.

What the hell?! The world of motorsport is in all honesty comming to a craptastic hault.  How do Carmelo ezpeleteta, and Dorna motorsport believe this will help Motogp?  Cutting back Some of the things that keep this a prototype series as well as the little things that improve safety? Granted Im on the fence about some things. I like a LOT of people agree that traction control should be dialed back and the 990cc Formula.  It produced much more exciting racing than the 800cc format even though the lap times are lower,they’re going faster throughout the length of the track. Every race save for about 6 in the past 2 seasons has been mostly lacking. All of the rule changes are going to put wsbk further ahead of the big league. Limiting One bike to a race weekend is going to have riders terrified of pushing for progress in fear of not being able to race at all. Some of the rule changes are sure in the right direction. Example being taking away the use of gps tracking aids.This though is a Big case of one step forward two backward. As it’s been for the past 3 seasons. Limiting the class to 4 engines for an ENTIRE season of 17-18 race weekends, taking away several testing sessions,friday practice scrapped all together. This really is opening the door for World superbike racing to just dominate Motogp. A series of road based bikes that we can all buy(probably couldnt afford to get them as fast as theirs) and use are faster than a companys best One off motorcycle. That completely ignores what a prototype series is all about. Innovation and making things safer for the rest of us that love riding.  Dorna is putting the nail in the coffin for this series. Much like Formula one with it’s processional lame racing. Makes me sad to see more excitement in a practice testing session than in an actual race is decided more often than not in the first lap.

Yes that is marco melandri doin a one handed drift winning the Phillip island race. Thats the kinda excitement we need back in motogp. Sorta :-p